Wisdom from the past

12 Feb

In regards to the current Administrations legislative docket, every bit of our history proves the proposed measures to be guaranteed of failure.  President Jefferson’s Secretary of the Treasury, Gallatin:

“As to the hope that it may…induce England to treat us better,” wrote Gallatin to Jefferson shortly after the bill had become law, “I think is entirely groundless…government prohibitions do always more mischief than had been calculated; and it is not without much hesitation that a statesman should hazard to regulate the concerns of individuals as if he could do it better than themselves.”

Of course, that was President Jefferson and Secretary Gallatin, “not hardly” Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Woolsey.  For all the education we have heaped upon these people, they demonstrate a profound lack of wisdom, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Woodrow Wilson.  Why subsidize Columbia and Harvard if they insist on producing graduates who utterly lack the wisdom of the lessons of history?

Any person who cares to read is better qualified to serve this country than the most highly educated dolt.  Not to say that education is a bad thing, it is a very good thing.  For mathematicians, engineers, physicists, and chemists.  Lawyers, accountants, and economists, on the other hand, should be educated where they deserve, at the horse trough.  Yes, Jefferson was a lawyer, but that wasn’t what he was.  He was a farmer, scientist, and historian before and after his law practice.

G’night all, and may God continue to bless America!

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